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There is one thing for sure about them — Himalayan salt lamps make great night lights for kids because of their color and beautiful hues that they naturally carry in them, negative ions emitted by salt lamps will promote kids sleep better throughout the night.
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Leading Manufacturers of Himalayan rock salt lamps...Naturo Healthplus, is a pioneer in bringing the benefits of rock salt to India. Based out of Mumbai (India), we offer Salt Room Projects and wellness products including salt lamps, spa salts, pain relief products and more.
So if you’re looking for a health-stimulating gift idea, Just go for Himalayan rock salt Pyramids Naturo Himalayan rock salt lamp (crafted exclusively by Healthplus) in the pyramid shape serves dual purpose. These are great ionizers: objects that release negative ions, which are believed to purify air and good health. Research has shown that these lamps provide relief from the common cold, curing of skin problems, respiratory illness, headaches, migraines and much more. Naturo healthplus has taken utmost care to ensure these pyramids are based on the principles of the great pyramids of Egypt and hence provide vaastu benefits. A glowing rock salt lamp in your living area will assists the natural healing process and creates a calming environment. By keeping the air around you clean & ionized, these lamps are also helpful in keeping the allergies away. Also very effective in reducing fatigue & emf (electro magnetic pollution) created by office equipment like computers & mobiles. You can also use them in yoga & meditation sessions to enhance the meditative experience.
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Workshop space in kandivali east Mumbai
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Buy products related to Himalayan salt gifts and see what your loved ones feel about ..... Working with Himalayan Salt Lamps can help you open, energize, and stabilize these chakras. they enable your body to practice at its own pace, so that you avoid the unpleasant side effects .